Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Flavor!


Every once in a while I am lucky enough to get a phone call from my brother Chip, announcing that he is in town and what are we doing for lunch? Most of the time we hang out at my house and eat and laugh and visit, but today we met up somewhere. We couldn't decide on where we were going to eat, but we knew that there needed to be donuts involved. Maple frosted ones, to be exact. So Chip stopped by our one of our favorite local bakeries and acquired not one, not two, but a WHOLE DOZEN of their amazing donuts along with some baklava to supplement our lunch.

Don't worry, we shared a salad and some sweet potato fries, too. But... DONUTS! They're what's for lunch!

I had Little X with me and was kind of worried about keeping him occupied in a dining establishment, but it was worth the gamble to spend some time with my baby brother. It turned out that I had no reason to worry because Little X found the perfect pastime: adding flavor to his root beer. 

At first he was just dipping the sweet potato fries in his drink before eating them. Then he was submerging them. No biggie, I thought. It's no worse than my mom putting peanuts in her Pepsi back in the day.

And then, well...

It got to the point where there were more fries than liquid. And when I told him that was probably enough he loudly stated, "IT NEEDS MORE FLAVOR!" and shoved a couple more fries into the glass.
I kind of thought the whole thing was just a game to occupy his time until he actually STARTED TO DRINK IT!

After which he proclaimed, "Ahhhhh! Perfect flavor."

Salty sweet potato root beer? Maybe it's going to be the next big thing. (But probably not.)


HL said...

I loved the peanuts in the Pepsi.

However some things kids do is yuck.

Did he eat the fries after?

Anaise said...

So you got a double blessing out of that meal--serious preschool entertainment AND a meal. :)