Monday, June 30, 2014

On The Road: Day One

How we roll.

The first day into our grand adventure the goal was to reach our hotel in South Dakota.  We had quite a few miles to put behind us and the scenery made the drive even more enjoyable.  

We stopped for gas a couple of times and then again at the entrance to Martin's Cove in Wyoming to get a picture near Devil's Gate (the break in the rocks in the background) and to stretch our legs a bit.

One of our favorite things about Wyoming was the gorgeous sunset that just seemed to get better and better as the sun sank lower into the distance. I wish I could have taken a picture to match what we actually saw but the camera just couldn't do the colors justice.

As we traveled on we were treated to a brilliant lightning storm that continued to wow us throughout the night as it lit up various sections of the clouds or sky in flashes of white and blue.

We arrived at our hotel in the wee hours of the morning and were pleasantly surprised at the warm reception we received by the owner.  As I checked in he let me know that he has turned on the air conditioners in our rooms to cool them down before we had arrived.  He also noticed that there were 2 adults and 8 children and so, assuming we were all one family, we had adjoining rooms on the first floor.  After some excitement from the kids over having televisions and refrigerators in our rooms we all fell asleep within minutes.

As we slept, the storm that had surrounded us along our drive caught up to us and we woke the next morning to overcast skies and a gentle rain. 

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