Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Not A Mid-Life Crisis

I have become very aware of something recently.

I will soon be the mom of 9 children. NINE! Not that I don't think I can handle it. It's the rest of the world that I'm concerned for. Will they know that it's impolite to ask things like, "You're done now, right?!" or "Are those ALL yours?" I am always tempted to reply with the sassy remarks that cross my mind ("Heck no! We're just getting started!" or "No, I borrowed them from the local orphanage") but instead give polite answers. I don't want them to think ill of me.

Which brings me to my next epiphany.

Am I looking like a mom-of-many? Do strangers look at me and think, "Look at her, she can't even take care of herself - let alone all those kids!" I know, I'm being a bit dramatic. But it's only to explain myself to those who are wondering what's going on.

It's like this.

I looked at myself in the mirror a few weeks back and wished my hair was a bit more tame. I thought, "How would my hair look if it was straight?" So I straightened it. And then it needed bangs, so I gave myself bangs. The kids all asked, "What happened to your hair, Mom?" or, "Your hair looks different. Is it going to be curly again tomorrow?" I love the honesty of children. So I decided to forget the straightening thing and just love what God gave me - but I kept the bangs. I liked how they helped me look a little more....I don't know. Nice, I guess.

Then I thought about make-up.

When we had our family pictures taken about a month ago, I put on the basics - eyeliner & mascara. My 13-year-old daughter told me I looked good with eye make-up, that it made my eyes look "brighter". So I put on make-up, too. And you know what? I liked it.

Anyway, to make an already long story longer, I'm making an effort to look my best these days. You'll have to be forgiving if you drop by unannounced in the middle of the day and I'm still in my PJs, though. That's still going to happen. But when I'm out of the house, I'm going to look my best - and hopefully completely shock anyone who sees me pregnant and asks, "Is this your first?"

I'll proudly answer, "No, it's my ninth. Isn't it great?!"


Rebecca said...

Make-up and hair ironing?! Are you positive it's not a mid-life crisis?...
Just kidding.
Gerb, if you have time to be the supermom that you are, and also to sneak in a few minutes of self-pampering, good for you! It's not a crisis, it's an amazing accomplishment!

annette said...

What do you mean? You DO look like you're having your first! And, the eye make-up does look good on you, but you look great w/o too! Just TODAY, a kid came up to me and asked, "Are you really J...a's mom?" :) I responded, "No, but it's nice that you think so. Some people think we look alot alike." So, along those lines, I hope you think that you look drop dead georgeous ;). If you worry what people say about you to others, it goes like this: "Wow, she has 8 kids? How does she look so good?" or "Her kids are amazing, and look at her, I wish I looked as good as she does!" Or, my personal favorite, "You're pretty, you look just like E..e's mom."

Proud to be your "twin" :)

laura said...

Oh, man. What would you hear if you lived in New York? I only have three and I can't leave the house without hearing, several times, "Wow, your hands are full!"

Rebecca said...

I watched a show last night about a family with 17 kids, and here's what she said they started telling people in response to all the comments: "We decided we'd stop once we had an ugly child, but they just keep getting cuter!" That cracked me up. Maybe you could borrow that one sometime.

Rebecca said...

P.S. It was not the Duggars.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Hi there! I think this is the first time I have commented on your blog- though I have been reading yours about as long as you have mine. Kind of funny to do this to each other when we live on the same street, isn't it?

So, you know I have only met you once, but I was shocked when you told me you had 8 kids...AMAZED is a better word! I have also enjoyed your blog, and been inspired by your youthfulness as a mother! I especially enjoy the good laugh I get from nearly all your posts.

I have also come to the same conclusion as you- to accept what physical blessings I have been given (mine is straight as a board hair), and not worry about it too much. Maybe a little now and then :)

And, last but not least- I have meant to congratulate you on the approaching birth of a 9th child. I have dreamed of a large family myself, although have discovered my body doesn't do pregnancies too well. I have to do a lot of forgetting before I can plan for another. Maybe amnesia might work?

Cami said...

You are amazing, and you look amazing! I only wish I looked as good as you.

c jane said...

I love that answer "Isn't great?" because it so great. So so so so great.

Though I am off to a late start, I am going to see if I can catch up with you...

~cari~ said...

You are an example to us all Gerb! (And we are all secretly jealous of just how good you look! At least I am!)

Gerb said...

If I comment on my comments, does that make up for my not posting?

And, by the way, I promise I was not fishing for compliments when I wrote this post. But thanks for them all, anyhow! I'm blushing.

Rebecca -
What is hair ironing? I just used a hair dryer. Maybe I straightened it wrong and that's why it freaked all the kids out. Maybe you should come give me lessons...your hair is always fabulous!

Annette -
Thank you, thank you. I just want to know which of us is the evil twin? I have been previously known as "Witch Mom" in my neighborhood, so it could be me. Just wondering.

Why can't I read your blog anymore? I was so enjoying your New York adventures. Congratulations on #3!

All about the crew -
I love your little anecdotes about your kids and I agree with your life philosophy. I think we could be friends if we lived in the same ward. ;0)

Cami -
You're a hottie and you know it. Thanks for being modest, though.

cJane -
Catch up? I bet you could beat me. And what lucky kids those would be. P.S. Sorry about Ralph.

Cari -
You are too sweet. I think it would be fair to say that many look to you as an example as well. I love your Cole, and if your other kids are even near as grand as he you must be simply amazing.

Shellie said...

I think you're amazing. The people on the street should be jealous is all.