Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Random Thoughts

That cute Sister Julia Black on the far left makes me smile every time.

So. I guess I decided that NaBloWriMo is not so much for me. But hey, look at those first 5 days of November! When I can't think of anything to write about and it's 10:30 at night and I need some serious sleep - bed wins. I've written a lot of posts in my head and have some great topic ideas, but finding the time to write has not been happening.

For the last two mornings that I have made oatmeal for breakfast I have bribed my kids to eat it without complaining by offering a small bag of M&Ms to those who can finish within 7 minutes. It worked and I have no regrets.

My kids bring home reading calendars from school every month. There is NO WAY I would (or ever have) remember to mark how many minutes they read each day. I used to fill in the entire calendar when it was due, using different colors of pen to make it look like I've been marking it every day. Now I just throw the calendars away and write a note with an estimate of how much they've read.

When my kids bring home their Halloween candy it is a known fact that they are to dump the candy on the table to allow me to remove what I call The Undesirables (mostly the stuff that sticks to your teeth) so I can then pass those out to the kids who are still coming. It has always been this way and nobody in our family knows any different. There is also a thing called Parent Tax, and it is paid in Reese's.

It has been a long time since I have sung in public. However, here at home it is a regular occurrence. In the last month my 14-year-old daughter, Cowgirl, has said to me, "You could be on The Voice and win" and "I bet if you posted videos on YouTube you would get tons of views". I think those are the two nicest compliments I have ever heard regarding my singing.

I have also not been working as an ASL interpreter on a consistent basis in years. However, with Little X going in to kindergarten next year I have considered going back to it part-time. Not necessarily because I need to, but because I miss being a part of the Deaf community. It's something that will always be such an immense part of who I am, a place where I feel the most understood, that I am drawn to it. I've been putting myself out there, applying a couple of places, and it's awesome to see what I'm worth. A confidence-booster, really. It's been nice.


Kara said...

Good job, mama. I feel like I've arrived (with 5 kids) if we do similar things. *wink*

Linn said...

I think you are fabulous. Just so you know.

Singing video for the blog. Oh I think it is HIGH time!

And you are nice. Guess who doesn't fill out the kids' reading calendar? Me. Guess who does? Them. Their calendar, their job. I'm glad to sign it when it is time to turn it in though. But they get to do the reading and the recording.

I know, I know. I'm mean.

What's new? :)

Unknown said...

Gerb! How do I talk to you about teaching first aid at the Camp MIA Shalom day. I am a boring first aid teacher and I need HELP!
My email is I even have a phone number. Should I give it to you?

Unknown said...

Gerb, I know you have important kids but we could be really good friends. I make terrific bread sticks and all sorts of things. I just need help with teaching first aid at Camp MIA Shalom workshop. Can you tell I'm desperate? I'm trying to hide it.