Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Conversation On Running


O: Can I run for miles tomorrow?

Me: What do you mean?

O: I want to run like, lots of miles.

Allen: Like, 50 miles?

O: Or 60.

Allen: So, just running all day tomorrow?

O: Sure. I can just wake up then run all day until it's night.

Me: What about school?

O: Can I skip it tomorrow?

Allen: I'll tell you what. We can get up really early and I'll run with you until you get tired.

O: So, all day? So I CAN skip school?

Allen: We'll see how much you want to run.

O: So, can we pack lunches and stuff and take them with us?

Me: You could probably swing by the house and take a little break at lunch time.

O: And then we can go run again?

Allen: If you're up for it.

O: So, does running mean running straight?

Me: Nope, you have to do cartwheels and somersaults while you run.

O: Okay.

Allen: And you can go up hills and around corners and back and forth and stuff.

O: Okay. What time will we leave?

Allen: Bright and early.

O: Okay.

UPDATED: The next morning Little O came upstairs with a piece of elastic on his head, like so:

because "This is what running people look like, right?" He was ready to run 100 miles (he upped his goal). Allen rode his bike beside him as he ran continuously for a solid 30 minutes. Then he came home, changed clothes, and went to school.


Rachel said...

You guys are awesome!! :)

You should have told him that if he wants to run all day long until night, he needs to become a mom!

Anaise said...

That's great! I hope for a follow up about how it all went. :)

Lori White said...

Haha...so how far did he make it? My threshold would have been the end of the driveway, lol.