Monday, July 29, 2013

National Jamboree

All-a-Boy worked hard and saved money and made plans for almost 2 years to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia this summer.  He was gone for 15 long days. 

We anxiously waited at the airport's baggage claim area along with a large group of other families.  We watched as every passenger, pilot and stewardess (do they have some more PC name for stewardesses now, since some of them are male?  Flight attendants?) from their flight exited the security area with no sign of any scouts.  Then finally they all arrived, walking in two single file lines toward us.  You'd have thought they had been gone for years when you heard the applause and cheering coming from the crowd as they approached.  All-a-Boy spotted us in the crowd and got his typical I'm super happy right now but trying not to smile half-grin on his face and gave us a little wave.  The scouts counted off and then joined their families.  All-a-Boy hugged every single kid, even the ones who usually drive him a little nuts.  I think maybe he missed us as much as we missed him.

He had all sorts of stories to tell of rain and mud and hay and the unpleasant smells that come from those three things combined.  He told us of patch trading and mountain biking and national monuments and historical sites and having the time of his life with a whole troop of scouts and leaders in New York, Washington DC and West Virginia.

So our family is almost complete again!  

Just one more year until Allen-the-Younger gets back from his mission for our church, then probably another year after that for ElemenoB who is planning to leave for her own 18 month church service mission in December or January.  I think we'll all be together again for about a month or so before Thumbelina plans to head out on her mission around July of 2015.  But who's counting?


rcbe1 said...

Flight attendant the pc name:)

Heather Rose-Chase said...

How very sweet! Nat's BFF here in Shanghai went to the Jamboree along with his troop leader father. He just got back to Shanghai Saturday, and I'm pretty sure Nathan has moved into his house because the boys have missed each other so much (we're on our second day not seeing him)! There's a pretty decent sized group of Scouts here. Kinda cool to see that outside of America.

Pam Farley said...

He looks so grown-up! When did that happen?!?

Anaise said...

How exciting! One of my nephews was there, too. What an amazing new season you're in with kids growing up and leaving and coming back . . . I hope your reunions continue to be sweet. :)

Petersons said...

My husband and oldest son went to the national jamboree here in Canada. It was the beginning of July and only the next province over so they could drive there. Fun for everyone!