Sunday, April 26, 2015

Para Mis Hijas Misioneras

Hey there! So yes, you're right, it has been way too long since I have posted anything on the ol' blog. I tend to get to a point where I am so behind that I don't know where to start anymore. So, how about the here and now? 

I tried to think abut what to say. And while I was thinking, I took pictures of everyone. So, playing on the idea that a picture says a thousand words, here are a few thousand words for you...
 Julia! She's home from college and getting ready to leave on her mission sometime this fall, probably. She still hasn't gotten a call, so you haven't missed anything there, but we're excited for whatever's ahead! It has been awesome to have her home.  

All-a-Boy! He's the scoutiest scout you ever will meet. He's on about a zillion committees and going on more campouts than I can count this summer, including a Philmont trek and a stint as a staff member at Timberline. Hopefully he'll be an Eagle scout this summer as well. (fingers crossed!)

Cowgirl! She starts high school next year. What the heck? She loves to sing and be in plays and write really abstract poetry and read books and draw pictures of random things that don't really exist. The imagination is strong with this one.

Princess! She gets to be in charge of pushing a button to start the Star Spangled Banner before morning announcements at school every other week. She's a friend to everyone and the best kind of big sister. She gets frustrated that no one ever calls her to babysit.

Hubba! He gets more and more precocious as time goes by. But behind that mask is the most sweet, tender-hearted little boy. He asks to play on the computer about every other minute and tells me what he wants for his birthday or Christmas in the minutes in-between. Boy scouts is his favorite thing!
Curly! This girl is becoming more crazy by the day. She started out as this shy, quiet little person and now she's always seeking the crazy-cakes spotlight. Curly is a good friend to everyone in her class at school as well as a teacher's aide in every classroom she enters. She still loves creating numerous pieces of art and being an over-all smarty pants.
Little O! Not much has changed with this kid. He's still quite the ladies man with a new story every day about who was chasing who on the playground. He went from not caring one bit about the letters of the alphabet to reading like a champ this year!
Little X! Even with a smoothie moustache he's a cutie pie. This boy is my best buddy. We do everything together, including getting ourselves a donut or ice cream every time we go to the grocery store. He says funny things that keep me smiling ALL.THE.TIME.
More posts coming soon! 

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Anaise said...

Your family is so cute, and so fun! I look forward to reading more from you. :)