Friday, February 13, 2015

Quick Quips

Allen TY: Who knows the capital of Utah?
Hubba: Provo!
Allen TY: Nope.
Hubba: Rexburg?
Allen TY: Nope.
Hubba: Wyoming?
Me: It's Salt Lake City.
Hubba: I was going to say that.

Little O is getting pretty good at sounding out big words, but a lot of the time he guesses what words are based on most of the letters. We were at a church that had a sign on the door to the children's classroom and he read it out loud to us, "Are you an example of revenge?" (The last word was actually reverence.)

Little O: What day was I born?
Me: May 1st.
Little O: No way! That's the same day as my birthday!

Allen TY brought his girlfriend over to the house. After they left, we were asking the kids what they thought. Here's what they said:
Hubba: She must be pretty hilarious because Allen was sure laughing a lot.
Princess: She wasn't as serious as I thought she would be.
Little O: She is pretty beautiful.
Little X: Well, she is smaller than our house and she fitted through our door.
Me: What does that mean, X?
Little X: She is good.

Little X: If this food that you makeded didn't tasted so yucky, I would eat it allllllll gone. And I love you soooooo much!
(It's so nice that he softened the blow for me there at the end.)

Little X: Mom, can you giveded my toys a swimming pool?



Anaise said...

That's a great pool.

And your kids are so stinkin' funny!

HL said...

I loved the story about ATY gf. Shared with my kid she loved it too.