Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Quips

Little O: Heavenly Father telled me that I need to sleep on your floor tonight.
Me: He did?  Really?
Little O: Yes, Mom!  I'm not lying!
Me: How did He tell you that?
Little O: Well... He haves a magic phone and He knows my phone word to call me.
Me: Really?  What's your phone word?
Little O: O-B-C-D.  And I know His phone word, too, so I can call Him, too.
Me: Wow.  What's His phone word?
Little O: E-A-M-B.
Me: And how do you call Him?
Little O: On His magic phone, I said.
Me: Do you have a magic phone too?
Little O: Uh... not really.  That's what's so magic about it.
Me: That's pretty amazing.  I can only talk to Him by praying.  Why don't I have a magic phone?
Little O: Duh.  Because you're a mom.
Me: Okay, then.
Little O: Can we make me a bed on your floor now?
Me: I guess we have to.  I can't really say no to Heavenly Father, can I?
Little O: I wouldn't if I was you.

Little O: Can I watch the movie about the good lion and the bad animals and they talk even though they're animals and animals aren't supposed to talk like peoples?

Little O: I want to watch a girl movie.
Me: Why?
Little O: Because I like girls, that's why.  But I DON'T like kissing girls. I only kiss you, Mom.

Little O: (to Allen and I) What are you guys talking about in here?
Us: Girl's Camp.
Little O: Can I tell you guys a boy camp story?
Us: Sure.
Little O: Well, I don't want to tell you the camp story where the dad gets ated by a sharp toothed dinosaur and a crocodile. And the alligator's name is Sharp-Toothed Teeth.  Sooooooo... once upon a time there was a boy named O and a dad named Dad. They builted a big tent with a hole for a stove. There was a chicken there. Its name was Glasses. The dad and the O went fishing. O didn't catched anything but the dad catched a starfish. Then Glasses came over so they ated him instead. The end.

Little O: (to Hubba) You're such a cool selfish jerk.

Little O: I'm getting married tomorrow!
ElemenoB: To who?
Little O: A beautiful princess pirate with a sparkly shirt and long, black hair and blue eyes.
ElemenoB:  What's her name?
Little O: Princess Pirate.
ElemenoB: That's not a name.
Little O: Well, I didn't meeted her yet!  I don't know her real name.  I just have to find her.  Then we will all sit at a table and drink root beer and eat pizza! 


Mindy said...

I'm glad you didn't say no to the bed on the floor...don't want heavenly wrath, right?

Pizza AND root beer at the wedding? Little O sounds like my kind of a fella...

Thanks for sharing these. They always bring me a smile.

You really should charge per laugh these quips generate. You'd be a millionaire in no time! :-)

Thanks again for the smile...

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Sweet boy!

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Lucky O! You don't get a magic phone in Catholic School. ;o)

Rachel said...

Well! Best get planning on that wedding now hadn't ya!?

Unless Little O can make a call on his magic phone and ask Heavenly Father to postpone the wedding. By like, 20 years. :D

Richard & Natalie said...

Man, that kid is going to be a heart breaker! Such personality in that little body.