Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shout Out!

Today I present you with a list of places/things that I would gladly recommend. You know, just in case you were wondering.

Have any of you who live in my neck of the woods eaten at La Jolla Groves? Oh, my goodness gracious - you must. This restaurant is our new favorite and I can not say enough good things about it. The food is freshly made, the produce used is locally grown and the portions are perfect. I have eaten there at least a dozen times and tried a new dish each time. I have never eaten anything that I do not LOVE. If you want something light, just get some soup and you'll still leave happy. And guess what? It gets even better. DESSERTS. Oh, yeah, baby. They have an incredible variety of desserts. And here's my insiders secret for you. The dessert menu is only a small portion of what's available. Take a look in their bakery before you order dessert because there's a whole plethora of deliciousness in there. My recommendations would be either the coconut cream pie (I have never in my life had better), the fruit tarts (a perfect little sweet to end your meal) or the monster cookie (I'm not sure what's in it but it's awesome). Go check out La Jolla Groves - but you don't have to tell them I sent you because they'd be like, who?

I know I've mentioned it before, but along the lines of good food, this is still my favorite blog on healthier eating - Word of Wisdom Living. The writer of the blog, Skip, suggests 52 simple Healthy Changes (one each week) you can make in your life to start eating better. I have always had the desire to get my family eating healthier - but there are so many rules I know we should follow and things I know we need to put effort into in order to really make this happen. It can be overwhelming and frustrating. This blog has been an inspiration toward helping my family live a healthier lifestyle. In Skip's own words, "The Healthy Changes are like resolutions, but better—they're done continuously, all year long, one each week." Seriously, go check it out.

You know I'm a sock fanatic, right? Well, this will prove my craziness. I read somewhere online about these socks that cost around $15 a pair and I thought, "I'm not that crazy." Well, it turns out I actually am. I read a bunch of online reviews about these socks and I couldn't resist trying a pair. If you love socks, or even if you don't, you have to try SmartWool socks. They are comfy, cushiony and (if you like) colorful. I'm in sock-love.

If you have a baby who is eating real food you need Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders. They look like this:
and they are fantastic. You can slice up some apples or pears or carrots or whatever your baby wants to eat but you're afraid they'll choke on and slide a piece into the mesh pocket. Snap it closed, hand it to baby and VOILA! you're both happy. I need to go get me some more of these. If you want to give them a try, too - check your local Target or order them online at Amazon.

*No one asked me to write this post or compensated me in any way. I just really, really love these places/things and think they deserve a shout-out. Plus I've seen these kind of disclaimers on other blogs and I thought it would make me look cool to add it.


Annette said...

I totally second you on the fresh food feeders, we LOVE them!!! They are a lifesaver when my little guy is teething. I throw in some frozen peas and he sucks to his little heart and gum's content!

Rachel said...

I'm hoping to soon try that La what ever restaurant, as for Internet I'm only mildly offended that you didn't list mine as the bestest of the best, and the baby stuff I'll come back to in a few years when I have grand babies, and when I was told that I would knit my own socks and love them I told the ladies at the store they were nutcases! Who would make socks for ten bucks or more when you could buy perfectly good socks at that price and get 10 pair! I'm eating my words........

I'm working on the cool factor so that someday you'll post my blog as the bestest EVER! Are you feeling pressured? Cuz my middle name is Pressure now..... remember?

Anaise said...

I've been using the fresh food feeders for years. (I should probably get new ones.) I totally second your recommendation for those--they're great!

Just SO said...

I've been to La Jolla Groves once and it was delicious. It's a bit harder for my husband and I to find a place to dine because he doesn't eat meat and in order for him to have a large selection to choose from we have to go some place that has a more vegetarian fare.

And I'm always jealous of the new things that they come out with for babies. Those are cool!

A Lark said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

Natasha and Jesse said...

My husband received the SmartWool socks for Christmas from my parents since he works outdoors and he loves them.

And I'll have to keep the fresh food feeders in mind when our baby is old enough to eat solids.

The restaurant sounds wonderful. Too bad there aren't any out East!