Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Quips

Hubba: See that dot at the end of the sentence? That means it's done.
Curly: Right. It's called a pyramid.

Little O: I wanna pway at Rango's house!
Curly: You can't. Because Rango's not real.
Little O: Yuh-huh! He's real on my TV!

Little O: I don't like ANY beans. But Jesus likes SOME-beans. We singed it at my church class.

Little O's friend: The mom in Tangled is scary.
Little O: Yeah, my mom is scary, too.

Allen: Okay, everyone. Stop teasing All-a-Boy.
Princess: (in a sing-songy tone of voice) All-a-Boy is Barbie's boyfriend! Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha!
Allen: Princess, what did I just say?
Princess: You said to start teasing All-a-Boy.
Allen: I said to stop teasing him.
Princess: Oh. Oops.


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Right on, Little O! It's a good thing that Jesus loves beans because I don't either. Yuck! ;o)

Just SO said...

I love that some-beans quip! Too cute!

A Lark said...

Your quips are some of my favorite things to read. And, yes, you sure are a scary mom! :P

Richard & Natalie said...

"Jesus loves some-beans." Love it!