Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Quips

"Why doesn't our house ever get stealed or catch on fire? Our family is so boring!"

Uncle L: What's Curves?
Coolister: It's some kind of car insurance.
Me: Actually it's a women's gym.
Coolister: Yeah. That's what I meant.

Overheard at kindergarten drop-off:
Kindergarten Kid: Your van is SO big! Does your mom do a day care?
Hubba: What's a day care?
KK: When one mom watches a bunch of kids all day.
Hubba: Yup. She does a day care.

"Are you ever going to watch that "Big Fat Loser" show again?"

"Today during P.E. the chee-cher showed us a butterfly that was flying around outside. It was flying around and flying around and then the chee-cher caught it on his finger. Then he set it on the fence - but it wasn't an electrical fence."

"You know who I'm going to marry? Claire, in my kindergarten class. Because I really love her... hair."

"Have you guys heard of Zumba?"
"Yeah, I've heard my friends talk about it. They say the food is really good."