Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Post: Stargirl

As part of my goal to reach every state in the United States before the end of the year I found myself in a college town in Utah. I was out for a walk, enjoying the sunshine with my pet rat, Cinnamon, when we came upon an elementary school. I couldn't resist going inside. I decided to make it a special unbirthday for some unsuspecting student, just to brighten their day. As we entered the school I set Cinnamon down on the floor and let her lead the way. She scampered and scurried until she came to the door of a fifth grade classroom. I placed Cinnamon inside the front pocket of my skirt and stepped inside.

Oh, this classroom was magical. You could just feel it through every part of your being the moment you walked through the doors. I knew why Cinnamon had led me here. This was a place where I could really feel like I belong.

Right away I spotted the student who I should serenade. It was a boy in the corner with dark hair and the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes to match. Something about him called to me so I pulled out my ukulele and began to sing a Happy Unbirthday song, just for him.
I could almost immediately tell that the other kids wished that they were the ones I had chosen to sing to. I decided without a second thought that I would share the ziplock baggie full of warm chocolate chip cookies which I had bought from the roadside table of some little kids on my way over. After all, it was everyone's unbirthday, really. It always is! There is reason to celebrate every day of our lives.
As they all enjoyed their cookies I told them my name was Stargirl and shared a few of my adventures; my short time as a cheerleader at Mica High, the names my parents allowed me to choose for myself, even the speech contest I won.
They were all so polite and attentive that I decided to ask their teacher if I could take his class to a magical and enchanting place. There was a buzz of excitement when he agreed. Little did they know that they were already there!

I taught them how to clear their minds until they were wrapped in nothingness and let them experience the wonderful feeling of it all.
It was right about then when I realized that Cinnamon must have slipped out of my pocket. I hated to have to leave, but I gave them a few parting words about never being afraid to just be themselves and off I went.
I would love to make my way back to that town in a few years and see what those kids have become. I can only hope that my short visit made some kind of impression upon their young minds. This I do know... that was a classroom which overflowed with untapped potential. Great things will come from that group of fifth graders - I just know it.


Just SO said...

Ah I thought you looked familiar over at Teachinfourth's but I wasn't sure.

You really are a star!

Rachel said...

You Gerb, are truly awesome!

Richard & Natalie said...

TF is lucky to have a friend like you to do such fun and crazy things for his students.

Farscaper said...

It's fun to hear both sides to the story. LOL You're awesome!! Stargirl is welcome to visit on the twin's birthday in March and embarrass the crud out of them. :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hilarious! I totally fell for that, though, I do fall for most things!

Connie said...

You cute thing! I hope you found Cinnamon.
I'm sure the class was in awe of your act! Good job!

Anonymous said...

i love the twist here. I've been a reader of Teachinfourth for a while, and loved hearing both sides of this terrific idea.

Wish we had more teachers like you all when I was growing up!

Sarah said...

You are awesome. Pure awesomeness. Love you a whole big bunch AND, just fyi, I bought the Stargirl books and look forward to reading them!

Sarah said...

You are awesome. Pure awesomeness. Love you a whole big bunch AND, just fyi, I bought the Stargirl books and look forward to reading them!

Teachinfourth said...

Gotta love hearing the other side of the story...

Rachel said...


Your buddy StarBoy must have visited my college class awhile back, because we loved his unexpected entrance!

btw - you make lovely children - fantastic sidebar!