Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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There are many things I am not a fan of. I usually keep these things to myself because I am a pleaser kind of person and I just want everyone to get along and be happy. Today, though, I'm going to break out of my box and share a few of these things with you.

These are a few of my NOT favorite things...

Driving in snow.

The first frost of the season.

Mean people.

Leggings instead of nylons at church. (we can still be friends, though)

Snow skiing.

People who let their dogs poop in my yard.

Paying bills.

Not being able to find any maternity dresses that go past my knees.


The cashiers at our local Smith's grocery store.

Getting holes in my socks.

Feeling jealous or angry.


Kids who answer the door when I'm in the shower.




I had better stop there.

If you want to read all about one other thing that I really, really dislike you can click on over to Four Perspectives today.


Rachel said...

I'm with ya on boogers. Those suckers dry on walls and you have to use a metal scraper to get them off!!

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

I am in agreement on the leggings as well. I just don't get it.

Lori said...

I'm in agreement on several of these! Vent anytime.

The Millward Family said...

I am with you on so many of these but the one that made me laugh was the checkers at Smith's. You are exactly right!