Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to My Life (In Pictures)

Want to know what I do all day? Yesterday I decided to document it in pictures. Lots of pictures. So, hang on tight 'cause here we go!

It's summer! That means I can sleep in until the first kid wakes up. Lately that is Curly. Her hair looks all crazy, like a lion's mane, when she wakes up.

Baby O wakes me up pretty early, too, but once he's fed he'll either go back to sleep or chill out in the baby swing for a bit.
Hubba was next. He just gets out his trains and entertains himself after I get him a glass of milk. He must have one (or two) first thing every morning. But hey, milk - it does a body good. (does that make anyone else want to say, "Pass it on"?)
Thumbelina is usually the last to awake and arise. Sometimes I go in and steamroller her just to hear her say, "Mom, STOP IT!"
As I began to prepare breakfast our bird Buddy decided to take a little flight around the kitchen and land on the rug. He's a funny little bird.
Then we assemble the masses for breakfast. Today I made oatmeal with diced apples and cinnamon in it. Allen told the kids it was like eating Apple Pie for breakfast, which I took as a good thing.
Princess was the last to wake up on this particular day.
And then, after breakfast, the inevitable: dirty dishes. This is a perpetual problem in our kitchen but I can usually ask (make) some of the kids take care of it.
At this point, Baby O needed a little TLC which Coolister was happy to provide. Coolister is, by far, Baby O's favorite sibling. It's really sweet to see my 15-year-old boy playing with his 2-month-old brother and loving it.
I must check my calendar daily. If it's on the calendar I will remember it. If it's not, I won't. Nothing today, but 2 appointments tomorrow. I try to make a mental note of that.
I try to read my little thought on my calendar corkboard daily as a reminder of what one daily priority should be:
Then it's time for the job jar! Every kid age 5 and up pulls out 2 jobs. 4 of them are fun, like "Play on the computer for 20 minutes" or "Have a snack", so sometimes they want to pull out more than 2 if there's still a chance they'll pull a fun one.
Cowgirl got "Vacuum Upstairs".
Coolister got "Wash Dishes".
Curly decides to watch a "Signing Time" movie while everyone else is doing their jobs.
I tell her, "Not until you are dressed and your hair is brushed!"
Movie in, and I start on the laundry. Well, I think about it. But then, Baby O is feeling hunger pains again.
This is repeated throughout the day, and followed by this:
I change his diaper and go to throw it in the garage when I see the accumulated pile of stuff that needs to go to Deseret Industries, better known as "D.I." So I load all that in the back of the car.
While outside, I notice that our trash was not picked up yesterday. So I went inside and called the sanitation department. An hour later the trash truck came by. Next, I notice this: what a messy workspace our computer desk has become. I mentally add it to the "To Do" list for the day.
Oh, yes, laundry. Times 3. Better get on it.
While downstairs starting the washer I peek into Coolister's room and see this:
DISASTER AREA!! I tell him to take care of that and I go shower. When I return...
Much better.
So, while the kids are watching a movie, I'll sneak into the kitchen for a snack. Here's what I should be eating:
But somewhere, where is it? Oh, yes, there they are...
And then it's time to make lunch.
And eat lunch.
ElemenoB reminds me that she has an English essay to turn in and it's due today. (It's summer! Why do kids have homework in the summer?) So, I check the laundry and then off we go to take care of that and run a few errands while Baby O is asleep again. She's asking me if she should put it in an envelope.
Here she comes, and she's still got the essay in hand...
The school was open, but no one was in the front office. I told her she could go back in and say, "HELLO!? ANYBODY HERE?!" but she's not very forward and said "Can't we just mail it? As long as it is postmarked today it is considered on time." So, off to the post office.
Then we get a few groceries at Sam's. ElemenoB is pretending she doesn't love having her picture taken.
Last stop, the library.
When we get home everyone is hungry again, so we eat some of the bananas I just purchased.
Coolister reminds me he has a birthday party today and needs a gift. We are making him a T-shirt, I declare, knowing we have all we need at home to do so. We go online for ideas and decide on this one. It's pretty funny! In fact, I remember writing answers like that on occasion in hopes of getting extra points for creativity. (FYI - it never worked.)
I iron it on, and voila! - instant birthday present. (Click on the picture to get a closer look)
I almost made myself a shirt that said, "I Make Milk - What's Your Superpower?" (another idea we saw online) but decided I would never wear it, despite the humor. Anyway, I realize that Tuesdays are usually the night our teenagers have youth activities at the church, but Coolister says the boys' activity was canceled due to the Fourth of July being this weekend. (I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but that's OK.) So I ask ElemenoB if she still has an activity. She informs me that they are making "Camp Bucket Seats" and, oh yeah, she needs to bring some fabric. How much fabric? She doesn't know. I tell her and Thumbelina to go search my "stash" and find something. Luckily, they find a variety of fabrics they like.
Then it's time to eat dinner. On the menu for today is pizza, so I get the dough started, check the laundry, check my email, then put the pizzas together.
Dinner time. We make a plate for Dad who is putting in long hours at work...
Then chow down.
Curly takes her customary dinner-time nap, which we don't like so much. It's a power-nap, which means she wakes up in an hour or two, ready to be up all hours of the night. But, once she's out, she's out.
I fold the last of the laundry for today,
Straighten the mess on the computer desk,
And check my email. And check the blogs I read. And read the news. Then I start uploading all the pictures I've taken today for this post. Allen comes home from work while I am doing this and bathes the little kids. Then it is time for some scripture reading...
And off to bed with everyone. Putting some dirty clothes in the laundry basket in my closet, I see my poor, neglected skates which have only seen action in my driveway since arriving last week. And I remember that they were on my mental "To Do" list for today.
See how they have given up hope, laying there all sad and hopeless? Don't look so forlorn, my new friends. Your time will come.



Cami said...

Awesome post!

In the picture of The Princess, I see a lot of Coolister in her. Do you?

Trish said...

After reading that I am ready for a good nap. :)

Jon and Maryanne said...

I don't think I will be complaining about some of my busy days for awhile! :) I love how you have nicknames for all the kids!!! When I was there last you only had 4 so I don't know the actuall names of everyone!

H.L. said...

Wow. You do great posts. Your kids are awesome. Maybe a chore jar would be more effective for my S-i-L. I might share the idea with her.

I would like your pizza dough Recipe. It's not to complex is it? Papa Murphey's girl told me how to make the garlic Sauce. I am going through serious w/d w/o it. I just need a good dough recipe.

Stephenie said...

You make me feel so much better. I love the post. My days seem to go about like yours (in modified form - I only have 4), only I don't have the baby (soon to change) and the older babysitters. And I don't have to make food in bulk quite like you do. I was envious your oldest daughter could run into the post office and school by herself! I love the chore jar! What great ideas! Thanks for sharing your day.

Gina said...

And with this, I PROMISE to never post what I do in a day. It would fair much poorer and considerably shorter and wimpier than yours and others who do the "Post Your Day" post. Good for you. That is why you have nine kids and I have two. How in the world? I feel like I need a nap after reading that. You are awesome!

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Yet another awesome post! You are amazing! I learned so much about you, too. And since you've popped in on me- I sort of felt like I was virtually popping in on you! Very cool! I've thought about doing one of those some time. But, I bet you'd be surprised at how little I get away with doing.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

P.S. I loved all the little connections you made with former posts -the Donettes one was and still is one of my favorites!

annette said...

May I steal your post idea? Somedays I think, "What DID I do today?", and I think a post would help me remember.
Loved the job jar idea with 4 fun things!
My now 15yr.old ABSOLUTELY LOVES his shirt! He wore it today. And now that I know it's a unique, one-of-a-kind, that makes it even cooler!
It was fun to see what your day is like. You know, it might be fun to blog about each kid's day and what they do as well. (Well, maybe not the baby- we can kindof figure that one out! ;) )

Maleen said...

Wow, what a day. I am impressed with the whole process. And does Coolister have a huge closet, because where did all that stuff go?

Cherie said...

WELL DONE!! -the POST and the DAY!
- My #3, although a good 4 yrs older? http://ordfam.blogspot.com/2008/06/happy-19th-calvin-moises-juarez.html could sure learn a thing or 2 from "Coolister" and his superpowers he used on his room during your shower!
Boy, you would get a good laugh out of MY typical day. Even the thought of trying to write it down overwhelms me! ...I did it once for #1 while she was in the DR - maybe I'll dig up the "Day in the Life of Your Mom" email and send you a copy - yes, it's now on my mile-long mental to do list!
And to the mom w/ 4 and 1 on the way... like i said to Gerb in that phase, hang in there, hang on tight with all you've got - NO phase is more challenging than before you have older helpers. Really, even the food in bulk is "a piece of cake" compared to no older helpers. EVERY mother of young children needs at least 2 older, like maybe 10-20 yr olds! and if those 2 have fairly OK attitudes or if they want to earn priviledges then mom's got a BIG bonus. But i guess we each pay our dues big time before having their help - so much so that we NEVER forget what mom's like Stephanie are going through!!

Cherie said...

ps - (as you already know, it's ALL or NOTHING with me!) Sorry I forgot to make that big long thing a proper link to a pic of #3. (Crazy family blog of my sibs, their kids, and mine).

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love that post. I love your chore jar. I think that I am going to make one for ME!!! It will add and flair to all my lovely chores that I do not get to share with anyone!!

Teachinfourth said...

Whoa, I'm tuckered out...I just spent a whole day with you and your family.

I do have to say, the idea of photojournaling the day was brilliant...it was also a lot of fun to follow.

Rebecca said...

The difference in my day would have been with the roller skates. I probably would have strapped those babies on and taken a spin around the neighborhood back when you were loading the D.I. stuff. :) I also LOVE the chore jar, especially because you put some treats in there, so no one is too resistant to pull a couple out. Great idea! That's going to change my summer...starting next week. I have yet to implement a good chore system. But hey, it's only the 2nd week of summer break here.

Gerb said...

Definitely - she's the mini-feminine version of Coolister.

You know what's funny? I felt like I left a lot of stuff out and this was one of my less-busy days. But I'm still always ready for a good night's sleep when the time comes!

Your busy days are harder because your kids are small. It makes a big difference to have babysitters and helpers around all the time. You should email me and I can tell you what all the kids names are - plus I'd love to hear about your cute little family! gerbdonna at gmail dot com

Have you tried the pizza dough recipe yet? Maybe you should share your garlic sauce recipe, too! =0)

Having older kids makes all the difference in the world! Once your oldest is old enough to babysit your life becomes a whole lot easier.

Your post would include all the cute things you make and the fun things you do with your kids. You are a fun mom! I crack the whip.

I bet if you documented what you did all day you'd find you do more than you think!

Feel free to do your day in pictures - it would be fun for me to see. As for doing it for the kids individually... maybe when I don't have a newborn anymore.

Coolister's room IS pretty much a closet. It's the smallest room, but the most coveted because only one person fits (everyone else shares rooms). And I am pretty sure all that stuff ended up in the laundry basket. But I take what I can get.

Coolister's superpowers go beyond room cleaning. That could be a whole separate post. I would LOVE to see "A Day in the Life of Cherie"!

You could add stuff to your jar like, "Make some chocolate chip cookies" and "Take some treats to a friend" and if you ever got them both on the same day, you could come visit me!!

Well, if you were taking the pictures it would have been even better.

Rebecca-The chore jar has been awesome. I feel like it helps us to work together instead of me nagging everyone to help. Some days I choose jobs, too - just in hopes I'll get "snack time" or "read for 20 minutes"! (I'm always stuck with vacuuming or laundry, though - kind of like when Dumbledore decided to try Every Flavor Beans and got stuck with 'earwax'.)

Jeannette said...

It's good to know that another mom's day is nonstop. Mine is that way and I only have three kids. So I have a silly question, what is Baby O's actual name? We were trying to think of O names so I'm curious.