Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Blessing

Sunday was Baby O's blessing day. I know, the collar is a bit much, but don't you think it's adorable? I mean, seriously, everything on this kid is adorable.

In the blessing, his dad referred to him by his middle name. He does not recall doing so, but there were a whole congregation full of witnesses. I wonder: should I be calling him Baby R?

And one final thought: Each of our children have been given a baby blessing when they are about 2 months old. However, our family receives a baby (blessing!) every time one joins our family.

We love our sweet Baby O! (or R?)


Mom not Mum said...

awww beautiful baby! When my friend was blessed as a baby his dad changed his name. This led to much discussion and then they legally changed his name. I never told my hubs this story or I might have ended up with the name spider for my kid - or something.

Katrina Witt said...

He is SOO CUTE Gerb! Congrats.

Panama Jones said...

Very cute, but then, if I said otherwise, I'd be stoned to death, right? But fortunately everyone can leave their stones on the ground. He's a cutie.

If you had only extended the collar he could have joined Dumbo and Sally Field (Flying Nun, anyone?).

And yes, I am a witness that at least during the blessing he was Baby R. Being infrequent in these parts, I figured that was the plan all along. It could have been worse--at least he wasn't renamed Mahonri Moriancumer, right?

Rebecca said...

Both names are super, so you can't go wrong. Unless Allen was being passive-agressive. But that's definitely not like the Allen I know. And now I'm wondering if I'm spelling his name wrong, which, if I am, is because I know too many people with that named, spelled too many ways, and I can't keep them all straight. But I only know one Gerberta, and that's hard to forget. But now I'm wondering if I'm even supposed to share those names, and so you might end up deleting my comment, either because I shared too much, or because I'm rambling...or both.

Gerb said...

Mom (not mum)-
Thanks! So far we're sticking with O, but who knows what will happen?

Thanks! Are you guys going to be at the family reunion? Hopefully we'll see you there!

We thought the collar gave him a cute Joseph Smith look. And yes, the names could have been worse.

I agree, we could call him O or R and he'd be in good shape. Allen's name spelling is correct - and no secret. But if you want, you can call us G-funk and Al-a-rama-ding-dong...